atrick Taylor believes God saved his life. After he was critically injured when hit by a car, his brain swelled so much his doctors feared they might have to surgically remove part of it to save his life. Then, miraculously, the swelling subsided, long before the doctors said it would. Taylor's wife, Sue, remembers, 'That's the first visible sign I had that somebody bigger than me was taking care of this." But even after Taylor came out of his coma, doctors predicted he might be blind, partially paralyzed, or have severely limited mental capacity. Members of the healing group at his church. Holy Comforter, Richmond, prayed regularly for his recovery, visiting the intensive care unit three or four times a day. This past summer he completed his last months of outpatient rehabilitation, and he continues to progress. He is now coaching youth soccer, and he has, relearned how to play the guitar. "I'm thankful I was saved," Taylor says, "and I'm enjoying people's love." (1993)

His Poem:

Thank you, Lord, for saving me.

Thank you, Lord, for saving our family.

Pray that I will see You, hear You, understand You,

as you appear in others and lead me on Your way.